•  Accountancy and Finance Course
  • Administration Course
  • Building Management Course
  • Business Management Course
  • Cost Accountant Course
  • Customer Service Sector Course
  • Digital Promoting Course
  • Event Managing Course
  • Facilities Managing Course
  • Fashion Strategy Course
  • Fraud Avoidance Course
  • Hotel Managing Course
  • How to Start a Consulting Business Course
  • Human Resources Management Course
  • Induction to Business Ethics
  • Interior Project Course
  • Internet Marketing Course
  • Leadership & Managing Course
  • Life Coaching Course
  • Management Course
  • Managerial Skills Course
  • Project Management Course
  • Public Relationships Course
  • Report Writing Phases Course
  • Risk Management Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course
  • Starting an Online Business Course
  • Strategic Organizing Course
  • Supply Chain Managing Course
  • Teaching Associate Course
  • Travel and Tourism Course
  • Wedding Organizing Course


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Internationaal Courses List from our Partners

  • Agriculture Management - Principles
  • Architecture Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Asset Management
  • Banking Management
  • Biotechnology Management
  • Blockchain Management
  • BPO Management
  • Business Legislation Management
  • Clinical Research Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Construction and Real Estate Accounting Management
  • Construction Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Finance Management
  • Corporate Law Management
  • Counselling Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cyber Marketing
  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  • Database Management
  • Decision Support System
  • Digital Marketing
  • Disaster Management
  • E - commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment Management
  • Export and Import Management
  • Financial Accounting Management
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Fire & Safety Management
  • Healthcare and Hospital Management
  • Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • Industrial Engineering Management
  • Industrial Relations Management
  • Industrial Safety Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Management
  • International Advertising Management
  • International Airline and Airport Management
  • International Brand Management
  • International Business Process Management
  • International Consulting Management
  • International Educational Management
  • International Event Management
  • International Financial Management
  • International Hotel Operations Management
  • International Human Resources Management
  • International Investment Management
  • International Journalism Management
  • International Labour Law
  • International Law Management
  • International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • International Management of Business
  • International Market Research
  • International Marketing Management
  • International Operations Management
  • International Organizational Behaviour
  • International Project Management
  • International Relations
  • International Research in Education Management
  • International Retail Management
  • International Risk Management
  • International Sales Management

The British Education System, its Levels and Equivalency

The UK has a variety of higher education opportunities. With more than 100 universities, included in The National Ranking and offering various degree programs for students from the UK and around the world, there is no shortage of options. In the UK about one-third of all students go on to some form of higher education and this number is well over 50% for students from Scotland. This makes competition for schools very fierce and so it is advised to apply early for courses.

Entry Level is the most basic form of qualification and usually provides an introduction to education. They aren’t generally compulsory. Entry-level qualifications are available in three different sub-categories, which progressively get more difficult: entry levels 1, 2 and 3. The Entry Level is perfect for Anyone looking to learn a new subject or language, as well as those looking to enter formal education.

Level 1 (often achieved in Years/Class 10 and 11 of Secondary school) is the first formal rung on the numbered system of qualifications. This level is perfect for students aged 15-16, or anyone looking to further their education. You won’t necessarily have to complete an entry-level qualification to move onto Level 1.

Level 2 is the next step up from Level 1 (also often achieved in Years 10 and 11of SE). It is perfect for those aged 15-16, or anyone looking to further their education. Because of the high standard of their grades, Level 2 learners will usually progress to Level 3 professional qualifications.

Level 3 generally shows greater knowledge in a subject (often achieved in Years 12 and 13 of SE) or in centres for further education. It is perfect for those who are looking to continue their education at a University or a College, or who want to specialise in a particular subject.

Level 4 is indicative of a greater understanding and a higher level of learning than that gained through core modules at the secondary education level. Level 4 acts as the bridge between level 3 and 5, and can help people progress to the next stage of education when they might not have been able to with their previous qualifications.

Level 5 demonstrates knowledge of a subject which goes beyond what was taught during secondary education. After achieving a Level 5 certificate students can proceed in a Top Up course at a University or a college for a year and get a Bachelor Degree. It is perfect for anyone looking to move on to university, or other forms of higher education.

Level 6 refers to qualifications gained at degree level, indicating the bearer has graduated from a centre for further education. It is perfect for anyone who wants to take their knowledge of a subject past secondary education level – whether that’s to gain a degree of a higher level NVQ or certificate. Also the first step for those looking to pursue a master’s.

Level 7 refers to a level of education equivalent to a master’s degree and is generally attained in a centre for further education. It is perfect for anyone looking for a qualification which validates knowledge beyond degree level. After Level 7, there’s only one more level – a doctorate (PhD) or it is equivalent.


Level 8 refers to a doctorate level of education, often known as a PhD. Level 8 is perfect for anyone looking to achieve the highest formal level of education possible in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – and/or become a fully qualified Doctor.

Global Education students University degree programmes, including:

  • Master of Business Administration/International MBA
  • Master in Data Science with Artificial Intelligence
  • Master in Data Science with Data Analytics
  • Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Master in Healthcare Management & Leadership
  • Master in in Supply Chain Management

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Analytics
  • Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership
  • Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma in International Business Administration
  • Advanced Diploma in Project Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • SCQF Level 11 Extended Diploma in International Business & Strategy
  • PG Extended Diploma in Business Management (Specialisation Pathways)
  • Executive MBA in Business Analytics
  • Executive MBA in General Management
  • Executive MBA in HealthCare Management
  • Executive MBA in Human Resource Management
  • Executive MBA in Project Management.
  • Executive MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • MBA in International Business (IMBA)
  • Administrative Support Training
  • Banking & Investment
  • Management Training
  • Finance & Accounting Training
  • Health, Safety
  • Security Training
  • Human Resource Management Training
  • Management & Leadership Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Public Relations Training
  • Risk & Crisis Management
  • Sales & Marketing Training
  • Strategy Training



The ideal qualification if you’re just starting your career in procurement or if procurement and supply are part of your role.


Advanced Certificate

This qualification is designed for those in an operational role who need the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks.



A valuable management tool for those moving in to junior and middle management procurement roles or those supervising the procurement function.


Advanced Diploma

Provides senior buyers, contract and supply chain managers with the expertise to improve organisational procurement and to fulfil objectives.


Professional Diploma

Aimed at senior procurement professionals and heads of department. On successful completion you can apply for IBMC.


  • Leadership Management
  • Management for Dairy Farming
  • Management Information System
  • Management Marketing
  • Management of GST
  • Managing Engineering Mechanics
  • Managing the New Age of Innovation
  • Mass Communication
  • Materials Management
  • Office Management
  • Pharmaceuticals Management
  • Port and Shipping Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Power Management
  • Printing Management
  • Production Management
  • Public Relations Management


  • Purchasing & Materials Management
  • Quality Systems Management
  • Records Management
  • Rural Banking Management
  • Rural Marketing on Agricultural Inputs
  • Services Marketing Management
  • Social Justice Management
  • Social Work Interventions and Management
  • Telecommunications Systems Management
  • Port and Shipping Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Power Management
  • Printing Management
  • Production Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Textile Management


  • International Sports management
  • International Strategic Management
  • International Technology Management
  • International Trade Management
  • Leadership Management
  • Management for Dairy Farming
  • Management Information System
  • Management Marketing
  • Management of GST
  • Managing Engineering Mechanics
  • Managing the New Age of Innovation
  • Mass Communication
  • Materials Management
  • Office Management
  • Pharmaceuticals Management

International Universities

  • Academy of Economics, Law and Humanities - Academy VEGU - Russia
  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ASICS) - USA
  • Argosy University - USA
  • Baku Business University - Azerbaijan
  • Belarusian State University - Belarus
  • CEARS, Center of Academic Research and Studies - Greece
  • CEIPA Business School - Colombia
  • Eaton Business School - (GCC and African Countries)
  • Euroasian Open Institute - Russian Federation
  • European Graduate School of Management
  • European University of Tirana - Albania
  • International Humanitarian University (Odessa) - Ukraine
  • International University Travnik - Bosnia Erzegovina
  • Italian American Museum - USA
  • Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz - Poland
  • KYIV National University of Trade and Economics - Ukraine
  • La Fundacion Universitaria CEIPA - Colombia
  • L'Azerbaijan Tourism Institute - Azerbaijan
  • Maximus Training Center – Bahrain
  • MIT University - Macedonia
  • Moscow State University of Civil Engineering - Russia
  • I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod - Russia
  • Nahada University - Egypt
  • Northern Illinois University - USA
  • Polytechnic Institute of Braganca - Portugal
  • Russian State Social University - Russia
  • SRH Fernhochschule Riedlingen - Germany
  • Talal Abu Ghazaleh University - Jordan
  • Texas A&M University (Top 500 QS Ranking) - USA
  • UAS Technikum Wien – Austria
  • UDIMA - Madrid Open University - Spain
  • Universidad Autonoma del Caribe - Colombia
  • Universidad Cuenca de la Plata - Argentina
  • Universidad de Oviedo - Spain
  • Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega - Peru
  • Universidad Internacional de La Rioja - Spain
  • Universidad Manuela Beltrán - Colombia
  • Universidad Nacional Abierta (UNA) - Venezuela
  • Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz - Bolivia
  • Università Commerciale e di Giurisprudenza di Leopoli - Ukraine
  • Universitè Hassiba Benbouali - Algeria
  • Uvirtual – Bolivia
  • Yunnan University of Finance and Economics – China

Under the curriculum is necessary to suit a variety of courses or modules that the student may manage. 

This online course method may be useful to certain applicants who have to travel to another country because of technical reasons.


Besides, economic reasons are an additional burden besides tuition and living costs at various institutions worldwide. 

The student may elect to research at his own time of need. 

He could study methods of education learned in other countries. 

With the Internet, today, accessing databases and knowledge is achieved without monetary expense.


Distance Learning raises the chance of individual growth. 

Many universities offer honours degree and master's degree over the Internet. 

Students could specialise in various business fields, including Foreign Business, Communications, and Project Management. If one joins the MBA curriculum, he can learn the requisite attributes needed to be responsible and competent at home and abroad.


To get decent employment, you can benefit from the combination of different technical training and academic climate. All will gain in any form of distance learning. 

International S & C Educational Programs has sponsored students for research in England and America for two decades.

DBA/PhD Program Description

The DBA/PhD program at online University is the highest academic degree which is designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career.

The DBA/PhD is focused on both theory and applied research and will help the student to acquire leadership skills as an executive, consultant, or entrepreneur. 

Program Objectives

Students who successfully complete the Doctor of Business Administration degree program will acquire the following competencies:

Degree Requirements

To be awarded the Doctor of Business Administration degree, all students must complete 60 core program credits. The core instruction is delivered in eight 6- credit hour courses, each lasting 8 weeks. In addition to 48 core credits, the student should complete the Grand Comprehensive Exam (GCE) and submit a final Dissertation for 12 Credit Hours.

  • Conduct marketing research and answer to the new market in an ever-changing environment.
  • Conduct research with the aim of applying the findings to the real world of Business in all industries and countries.
  • Develop and maintain a high level of teamwork and improve the social and economic environment for human resources.
  • Making a decision in the real business world and more specifically, in the new international global Business World.
  • Visionary skills and projection in the future in a changing economic and business environment.


The DBA program takes 16 months to complete. Then the student will work on his/her dissertation. There are 48 units to complete (8 courses of 6 units each). Each course will take 2 months. Students can move on to the next course once the first course is completed. With 11 courses offered, students can choose which courses suit them best and fits best for their career. An academic advisor will help students to choose the best courses.

DBA/DProf, Doctor of Business Administration Courses

The Researcher/learner is required to achieve/complete the following units for the completion of the DBA degree program and the awarding of the DBA degree Dr. various universities have various units to complete

  • Advance Management(6 Credits)
  • Business Intelligence (6 Credits)
  • Business Strategy (6 Credits)
  • Business Administration (6 Credits)
  • Dissertation (12 Credits) 40-50,000 words
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership (6 Credits)
  • E-commerce/Digital Marketing
  • Project Management (6 Credits)
  • Human resources Management (6 Credits)
  • Innovation and Technology Leadership (6 Credits)
  • Leadership in International Multicultural Organization (6 Credits)
  • Managerial Accounting and Financial Management (6 Credits)
  • Organization and Leadership (6 Credits)
  • Research Methodology (6 Credits)
  • Strategic Marketing (6 Credits)
  • Strategic leadership(6 Credits)
  • Understanding Management(6 Credits)

Why Study at Online University

Learn from top business leaders studying at Brentwood University.

  • A new modern campus in a beautiful Paris
  • Accredited American & European degrees
  • Alumni network with life-long benefits
  • Company presentations and job opportunities
  • Extra Language customized courses available in different languages
  • Hi-tech facilities & smart classrooms
  • Multicultural environment
  • Outstanding international faculty
  • Small class size
  • Student-centered American teaching style


  • MBA in Business Administration
  • MBA in Accounting and Finance
  • MBA in Agile Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Energy and Sustainability
  • MBA in Global Banking & Finance
  • MBA in Global Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Health & Safety Leadership
  • MBA in Marketing Management
  • MBA in Operations and Project Management


  • DBA in Accounting and Finance
  • DBA in Agile Supply Chain Management
  • DBA in Business Analytics
  • DBA in Energy and Sustainability
  • DBA in Global Banking & Finance
  • DBA in Global Healthcare Management
  • DBA in Health & Safety Leadership
  • DBA in Marketing Management
  • DBA in Operations and Project Management
  • DBA/PhD in Business Administration


Doctorate in Administrative Law

Doctorate in Archaeology

Doctorate in Archives

Doctorate in Civil law

Doctorate in Constitutional Law

Doctorate in Criminal Law

Doctorate in Economics Law

Doctorate in Environmental and natural resource law

Doctorate in Ethnology

Doctorate in Financial Law

Doctorate in History of Tourism

Doctorate in Journalism

Doctorate in Labour Law

Doctorate in Land Law

Doctorate in Law LLD

Doctorate in Military history

Doctorate in Pedagogy

Doctorate in Political Science

Doctorate in Psychology

Doctorate in Sociology

Doctorate in the History of Art

Doctorate in the History of Ukraine

Doctorate in World History

Doctorate in American and European studies

Doctorate in Archaeology and prehistory

Doctorate in Orientalism

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