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Real Estate For Less Than US$50K In Northern Cyprus, and many parts of EU cities

White-sand beaches… warm water… year-round sunshine… and one of the healthiest diets in the world… For sun and sand lovers, it’s hard to beat the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Yet when most people think about living and investing in the Mediterranean region, it’s the hot spots along the Spanish Costas and the French Riviera that spring to mind. Places where the good life comes at a hefty cost… and the property goes into the multi-million-dollar range pretty fast.

Your own flat in Northern Cyprus Less than US$60,000
One of the latest prospects of our contacts in Northern Cyprus is in a perfect place to take advantage of both the beach-loving and the golfing...

Forty minutes from Ercan International Airport, in a lovely green environment, five minutes from Korineum Golf Club and within walking distance of the beach. The region is also committed to the creation of the largest marina on the island and the building of a five-star hotel.

Right now in a recent building here, you will buy your own apartment from just £49,995 British pounds. That's less than US$60,000 on today's market

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Demand your private neighbourhood lot at a Belizean ex-pat hotspot for just $2,000... Of 0 per cent interest rates of just US$600...

Invest in the most costly products in the world with our first farm offering in Europe... US$18,000 total annualised returns of 18 per cent a year over 17 years...

Be the first to book a pre-construction coastal condo in the Algarve area of Portugal.

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Invest in Beach townhouses starting at only US$100,000 in one of the fastest-growing coastal areas in the world... Plus Net returns of 17 per cent to 21 per cent...

Enjoy an IRR of 17 per cent and more on the exclusive expenditure of timber in the nation that Jim Rogers terms "one of the phenomenal opportunities of our time".

Take advantage of unique funding and booming demand for brand new beach condos along the beautiful Pacific coast... this is both an appreciation and a cash flow opportunity.


1 Belize: Visa of the QRP
Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $3,000 a month.

Skilled Retired Persons (QRPs) are conveniently able to secure permanent residence in Belize. In several respects, this scheme is the most successful path to international citizenship anywhere in the Americas. This visa is open to everyone over the age of 45 and offers a variety of benefits to attract foreigners to come and bring their money.

3#2 Panama: Pensioned Visa

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $1,000 a month.

Considered the Gold Standard for Retiring Visas, Panama's pensionado programme is by far the most common citizenship choice and one of the most generous in the world. The scheme also brought thousands of seniors to Panama to benefit from tax status and discounts. You don't need to spend a penny upfront to enjoy these benefits; you just need to collect a salary or an annuity that satisfies the criteria.

#3 Nicaragua: Visa for Retirement

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $800 a month.

Nicaragua introduced a successful pensionado scheme in 2010-12 that exceeds that of its neighbours. You will apply for a pensionado resident status (and all associated benefits) in this country with a salary of as low as US$800 per month. This is the lowest qualifying wage for a pensionado visa in the country.

#4 Malaysia: the Passport MM2H

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $2,750 a month.

It is remarkably convenient for the Malaysian government to remain long-term in this difficult-to-resist Shangri-la with an incentive-packed residence visa called Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H). Unlike other countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is strongly allowing international nationals to migrate. Excellent benefits are available if you apply for the MM2H scheme. About 20,000 international nationals are now involved and experiencing the advantages.

#5 Malta: Global Residency Plan

Minimum Sales Threshold (for one applicant): no particular number.

While there is no pensioner visa here, Malta is providing what they term the Global Residency Scheme for non-EU residents, and it is the best deal in Europe. You will apply by renting or purchasing real estate—a fascinating point, this is the only country in the EU that will give you citizenship just by renting a home. The procedure is also quick—residency can be achieved within three months of the submission.

#6 Colombia: Visa for Retirement

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $800 a month.

The method of residence is reasonably easy and clear, with a low-income criterion. Colombia often provides residence for the least number of red tape. My colleagues with this visa claim that it is possible to request and get a permanent resident visa given in only one hour.

The legal salary threshold is three times the minimum wage and has been less than US$1200 for many years now, due to the power of the US dollar against the Colombian peso.

#7 Dominican Republic: Visa for Retirement

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $1,800 a month.

Residency in the Dominican Republic is simple, and the country welcomes and even attracts international residents and investors. Residents may qualify for free-of-charge loans and imports of household products and vehicles.

#8 Honduras: Visa for Retirement

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $1,800 a month.

Before you arrive in the region, you will need to prepare your immigration papers, however, you may apply for a resident visa when in Honduras as a visitor. Your pension income must be received from a central bank on a monthly basis in the region. As a local, you would be entitled to buy up to 3/4 acres of land under your own name or an infinite number through a company. Honduran citizenship would take between six to nine months to complete.

Argentine #9: Pensionado Visa

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): $3,000 a month.

You need to show your retirement status in order to qualify for a retirement visa in Argentina, as well as your monthly salary, unlike many other countries that think just about income. The minimum wage threshold fluctuates but is typically around US$3,000. Resident advantages include the right to open a central bank account and deals on national airlines. It is necessary to remember, however, that you must be physically in Argentina for almost all of the first few years of residence in the region.

#10 Portugal: Visa of self-sufficiency

Minimum Wage Threshold (for one applicant): roughly US$1,700 a month.

Although Portugal's retirement visa does not compare the availability and benefits of retirement visas provided in Latin America, this is one of the better services in Europe. As in other EU countries, pensioners are given residence if they show reasonable subsistence income.' The minimum wage (which differs by region) may be used as a benchmark for this number.


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The World's Safest Places to Retreat 2021-2
"Where am I going to retire? "It is the issue we hear most often at Foreign Living, and every January we send you our most authoritative response in the form of our annual Global Retirement Index.

When it was first conceived, our Retirement Index was our peculiar form of dealing with an embarrassment of wealth. At that point, IL had spent more than a decade pursuing all kinds of local dreams. The effect was a wide and thrilling range of options and prospects. Quick forward to 2020. Almost three decades have elapsed, and our scouts have scoured every part of the globe several times. The effect is a much wider and ever-increasing range of fantastic destinations where you can live a healthy and happy life, invest a lot less money, and get a lot more.

But how are you going to choose?
What is the Global Annual Retirement Index?
The Retirement Index is the most extensive and in-depth survey of its kind. It's the easiest way we know to sift through the abundance of possibilities that the planet has to deliver, carry some structure, and help you choose the best destination for you.

There's no difference this year and we've made certain adjustments. The study and development of the Global Retirement Index is now an annual rite affecting any member of the Foreign Living Team. The team has expanded to span five continents, which ensures that we are adding an ever-increasing breadth of expertise to the Index.

But don't think about it only as a number-crunching practise. The sound decision of our far-flung editors and correspondents lies at its heart. We didn't build this Index to render it a strictly analytical database. Yes, it's based on hard evidence. But its power—its utility—lies in what we suggest you do about it. In other terms, we're putting our team's good judgement to bear on the question: where do I go? We express their measured views and advice to you. We're not only asking you what the problem is on the ground—we're helping you find out what it means to you.

Having moved abroad and immersed themselves in the destinations where they work and learnt their lessons the hard way, our experts are perfectly qualified to evaluate, contrast and offer nuanced insight into the most desirable retirement destinations in the country.
What did their study show regarding the best retirement havens in 2021? Read on, uh...

10. 10. Vietnam, Vietnam

Vietnam has new and progressive towns, ancient heritage sites, uncrowded beaches, rough mountains, and some of the most peaceful and accepting people in the country. It is developing quickly, with one of the largest economies in Asia. This introduces high-quality hospitals, decent highways and modern conveniences to a place that was one of the poorest places in the world fewer than 30 years earlier.

Vietnam's remarkably low cost of living is a huge reason to live here. Wherever you are in Vietnam, you can find that the cost of living is poor. Except in the most costly cities—Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi—two citizens will live well for less than $1,500 a month. If you're on a small budget, you're going to find the whole world affordable; if you have a bigger budget, you're going to enjoy a luxurious existence with a fraction of what you're going to spend in the West.

There's a lot to see and do; it's got all the facilities I like including decent health care, and it's a good base for travel."

Altogether, John claims he pays around $2,800 a month, but he says the amount involves taking regular vacations abroad and living comfortably. "It would cost at least twice as much to live the lifestyle I have now, back home," he says. His utilities cost around $150 a month, and he spends about $370 a month on food.
Right in the centre of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is also a convenient and well-used travel hub; an inexpensive launch pad to almost anywhere in the world. People located in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City have the option of several airline routes to major destinations such as Australia, the United States, Europe, China, Russia, Turkey, India and other parts of South-East Asia.

9. France, France
French Life. Imagine relaxing in the garden of your own French house, a beautiful stone cottage situated between orchards, vineyards and flowery meadows. The sun is shining, there is no shadow in the atmosphere. The only disturbance is a honeybee drone and the blissful strains of one of Satie's Gymnopédies played in the distance. You just got back from the store, and now you're savouring the notion of lunch. It's such a beautiful day, you plan to have a picnic, spread out around an old oak table under a shady canopy of trees.

Freshly made baguettes, ripe Camembert cheese, tangy ratatouille with onions, peppers and eggplant—and don't hesitate to incorporate those deliciously plump black olives right out of the stallholder's barrel. Bowl of chilled Chablis in your lap, you're sitting comfortably preparing your next day's adventures.

And France is more accessible than you would imagine. While my power, cable TV, and water bills remain close to those I pay in the U.S., my other costs have fallen dramatically after I relocated to France. Outside big cities like Paris and Lyon, rent is around a third of what I spent in California, and so is my mortgage payment. For meals out I will live like a king (or queen in this case) for around $38—this involves a starter, a main course, and a dessert. And because the French are particular about what they're consuming, you can be confident you're having the highest quality, freshest produce of the season.
A pair will live here anywhere from $2,083 to $2,483 a month—including rent and health insurance.

As guaranteed to all citizens (ex-pat and otherwise) after three months, healthcare rates are rock bottom relative to the US. Because the amount is set by the state, a regular visit to the hospital is $28 and a visit to the expert would cost you $56. When the healthcare plan starts, 70% of the expense would be reimbursed. I go to the doctor as much as I want, except for a fast check-up, and that independence and versatility have significantly improved my quality of life and good wellbeing.

"We wanted more culture and more access to the rest of Europe so that we could get in the car and be completely different in a couple of hours," says Carol. "More than that, housing is more affordable here and health cares too."
They noticed that French lives suited their interests better than life in the U.S. "The U.S. is so frantic and too distracted. People work a lot of hours, they don't have breaks because it's just about making profits.

8. Spain, Spain
Spain is one of Europe's favourite beach resorts. It gives the first world, Western European living conditions, but there is no issue about wanting to give up" everything to survive here. In reality, you're going to learn a number. Outside the tourist areas, you might need to know a little Spanish to get there, but there are plenty of beach areas with big, English-speaking ex-pat communities. To my knowledge, the citizens of Spain are polite, supportive and curious about other cultures. I've made a lot of great Spanish friends.

Owing to the mild atmosphere, many essential food products are cheap here. Spain grows a range of fruit and vegetables both for domestic use and for export. In the season—and Spain has a long rising season—many goods cost about 60 cents a pound.

Spanish food patterns would often hold prices down. Lunch is a major meal of the day and a special lunch or a menu of the day is a fantastic bargain. For somewhere from $11 to $20, you're going to get two to three courses, including a soda (which can often be beer or wine). Make your main meal out or plan it for your rental) and follow it with a light dinner or tapas.

With one of the lowest housing costs in Western Europe, a pair will live happily in certain areas of the world for about $2,500 a month.

Travelling by rail in Spain is easy, convenient and productive for large and medium-sized cities. The bus system travels everywhere cheaply. Trip-sharing websites and are common options for low-cost travel. Weekend getaways to meet buddies or try new places are inexpensive and comfortable.

Spain also has a surprising array of temperatures, from hot and dry in the south to cold and moderate in the north. Skiing is now taking place—not only in the north, in the Pyrenees, but also in the mountains of the south. Pleasant northern provinces such as Navarre, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and the Basque Country deliver trees, rivers, beautiful coastlines and cuisine to die for.

The Mediterranean environment of the region, proximity to Barcelona's international airport and a comfortable lifestyle are the most persuasive considerations for outsiders. It's also affordable—leaving more money in their wallets.

Michele still has positive stuff to tell regarding Girona's medical system after serving at a hospital in Arizona.

As far as healthcare is concerned, the International Health Organisation rates Spain as one of the strongest healthcare programmes in the world. The public sector is commonly used but private health is outstanding and accessible, with 29 JCI-accredited hospitals.

Spain is freely promoting new behaviours. Civil unions shall be recognised by statute. Since 2005, same-sex weddings have been legal. Madrid features the largest Pride parade in Europe, as well as the LGBT-friendly Chueca area.

7. Malaysia's
6. Ecuador. Ecuador.
5. Columbia
4. Mexico, Mexico
3. Uh, Costa Rica
2. Panama, Panama
1. Portugal, Portugal

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Property For sale , Hurghada, UKProperty sale by , Agent - Hurghadastudio Hurghada 

STUDIO HURGHADA from £ 18,800 guide price, contact for current prices.


Studio apartment located on the ground floor, this apartment is with a lounge/living area consisting of a kitchen area. There is a bedroom area that can be divided with a screen from the lounge area also there is a fully fitted modern bathroom. The apartment also has a balcony/terrace from the apartment balcony can be seen in street views (other options available). This apartment is in a large resort. The located second line from the sea in a very popular Al Arabia area of central Hurghada. The benefit of apartments in the centre of Hurghada means all amenities within walking distance.

The airport of Hurghada only 10 minutes drive away. Apartment size 42 msg price £18,800 PAYMENT PLAN 12.5 % reservation £2,350 12.5% contract payment £2,350 48 monthly payments of £294 Maintenance Fee once only for the lifetime of property £2,256 EGP PRICE Apartment size 42 msg price EGP 413,000 12.5 % reservation EGP 51,625 12.5% contract payment EGP 51,625 48 monthly payments of EGP 6454 Maintenance Fee once only for the lifetime of property EGP 49,560 Florenza Khamsin Resort, an exclusive real estate development offering a selection of luxurious new waterside studios and apartments located in the popular Arabia District of Hurghada, just five minutes from the stunning “New Marina Boulevard” and the bustling tourist hotspot of “Sheraton Road”. The apartment for sale is located in Phase one of the apartment complex, with a wonderful generous pool and garden area, it is now finished and ready to move in.

Pay as you occupy your new home. Facilities and Services Sunbeds and parasols at the pool and garden area, Pool bar, Wireless internet, TV connections and international satellite reception Delivery immediately now 200 msg from the beach 24/7 Security Lifts to all floors On-site a very large swimming pool Access straight from the main promenade road Low entry prices


Property For sale, Sahl Hasheesh, UK property sale by, Agent - Sahl Hasheesh4 bed Property for sale4 beds villa Sahl Hasheesh


Located 1st line from the beach with full sea views in Sahl Hasheesh lovely earthy tone exteriors. These Villas are eye-catching and ultra-luxurious. Certainly a piece of heaven on earth a real home with perfect views and facilities. With the great luxurious feel throughout, Domed ceilings and windows these Villas have a lot of architectural appeals. The villa enjoys Private beach access, has its own private pool and private garden, pure luxury. The villa consists of Ground floor on-street parking, a large private cultured garden and owns a private pool. The built interior is 100 msg, a very large reception area, dining/lounge area and kitchen area. The first floor is an additional built area of 100 msq which has 4 spacious bedrooms and 3 bathrooms The roof terrace is of 40 msq, this has a domed ceiling in keeping with the traditional Nubian style. Plenty of space to have an awning a barbecue and or just a further relaxation leisure area, The roof terrace enjoys tremendous sea views with a fresh breeze from the sea. 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. Large reception and separate dining and kitchen area, Spacious villas full of character. Buy your piece of heaven on earth now. THREE YEAR PAYMENT PLAN. 5,047,000 EGP LAST ONE.