IBMC Training Consultancy help your company


Analyses, design, deliver and implementation


  • Conduct analysis into the existing training schedule and ascertain and quantify what is required to gain competency and improve retention.
  • Develop a customised approach that addresses basic employee work roles and company objectives.
  • Improve the motivational value of the material by adhering to market guidelines.


  • Develop components that instil ideals and mould workplace habits.


Our training consulting programs include the following:


  • Education and appraisal based on competencies
  • Through standard teaching through competency-based education and appraisal



Organisations face a growing number of challenges in ensuring that their employees have the expertise and abilities necessary to fulfil their employment. As a result of this need, competency-based preparation and evaluation has evolved into a critical component of developing and retaining employee competency necessary for organisational performance.


  • This service supports organisations in developing competency-based training systems.
  • Individualised training template
  • Customised instruction increases learner engagement.


Learning and growth have a sizable effect on an organisation's performance. When you work with the right training implementation partner, you will be certain that the training plans will be effective.


With its practical expertise, Training Consultancy is the ideal collaborator for developing customised training for the company. We ensure that the learners and company goals are a good match. Before curriculum formation, we conduct a success mapping exercise. Thus, the whole architecture of your customised training curriculum is geared toward meeting your objectives.



Analyses of training requirements


  • A comprehensive assessment of the organisation's training requirements
  • We will recognise the career issues and prospects by doing a training needs review.


Training Consultancy will collaborate with the learning and planning departments to better assess and define training and growth holes. We will provide you with the necessary improvements and strategies to ensure that your training program achieves your company objectives. Our training needs review is typically performed as part of a training program development process, although it is often available as a stand-alone tool.

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