Education Management Consultant. Starting OWN Online College or training provider

Provide the following services.

College A-Z Management Service. Starter Kits.

Start from starting till the end.

  • Design,
  • support,
  • produce,
  • deliver,

Independent(private) College registration

distance learning/Online Platform/in-house training.

  • Lesson Plans
  • Curriculum plans
  • Safety, policies
  • Teaching plan
  • Assignment support services with teachers and instructors supply and CVs
  • LMS, SIS,C/SMS(College Management Systems ).
  • If you wish to start a new college, online, distance learning, in-house, please feel free to contact US. First, 30 minutes of consultation is free.
  • Reasonable charges with full support. You can start your online/distance learning college within one week to one month(subject to credit and reference confirmation) by awarding the college owner's bodies.

Please contact the Education Management Consultant.

  • Write a Business project plan.
  • Write a Marketing(including digital) project plan.
  • Write a Management plan. Ofqual, SQA, Qualifications Wales and CCEA).

Help and support awarding boarding registration, affiliation, partnership, membership.

Choose from 150 UK and international (Equal register)Awarding Body.

From Company house to CPD, Athe, CMI, CIL, TOUK, ASIC, Othm, ncfe, Qualifi, UKRLP, UCAS, ISO9000, CACHE, CIM, QAA, Pearson,


 And many more…. Including Turnitin.

and  Univesites who wish to become partners .

With 1000+ courses data and information, course syllabus, study materials

supply online courses providers, documentation completion, full academic and professional business, and management support services.

  • Promotional education videos (introduction/by each subject)
  • Promotional poster and banners
  • Business cards with low prices

Plus Provide

  • 200+ eBooks for college immediate starts(on various subjects) or online library option available
  • 100+ ready-made courses ready to register with CPD.

Also, create(ready to hands) various college policies, inductions packs, regulations guidebooks,

What Degrees are Available?

We will award degrees in any subject, except medicine, the following are examples of degrees we have already been awarded.

Please use the email us a request for the Application Process and Fees, etc.

BACHELORS DEGREES: (< Back to top)

  • The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

    • Any Subject, the following are some we have recently awarded.

    • Business Studies - Accountancy, Administration, Business Law, Insurance, International Law, Management, Marketing and Personnel

    • Education - Educational studies and Further Education

    • Fine Arts - Art and Music

    • Liberal Arts - History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy and Theology, Feminism

    • Social Studies - Economics, Politics, Social Administration and Sociology, Government

    • Leisure - Leisure Studies, Recreation Management

  • The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

    • Any Subject, the following are some we have recently awarded.

    • Biological Sciences - Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physiotherapy

    • Physical Sciences - Environmental Studies, Geography and Physics

    • Mathematical Sciences - Mathematics, Computer Science, Geometry, and Statistics

    • Engineering - Mechanical, Electrical, Project and Constructional

    • Sports Science - Physiology, Biomechanics, Psychology

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

    • Any Subject, the following are some we have recently awarded.

    • Biological Economics - Accounting, Budgets and Economic forecasting

    • Business Management - Financial, Economics and Investment

    • Business Policy - Marketing, Production and Information

    • International Business - Financial Management, International Strategy and The Common Market

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

    • Any Subject, the following are some we have recently awarded.

    • Commercial Law - Financial, Contract and Sale of Goods Law

    • Corporation - Contracts, Incorporation, Takeovers and Mergers and Liquidation

    • Criminal Law - Person, Property, State and Penal Systems

    • Employment Law - Industrial Tribunals, Redundancy, Sex Discrimination, Unfair Dismissal and Union Law.

    • International Law - League of Nations, Municipal Law and Sea

    • Land Law - Covenants, Leases and Mortgages

  • Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.)

    • Any Subject, the following are some we have recently awarded.

    • Instrumental

    • Contemporary

    • Orchestration

    • Church or Sacred Music

    • Composition


    • Master of Arts (M.A.) In subjects above

      • Master of Arts (M.A.)

      • Master of Science (M.Sc)

      • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

      • Master of Laws (LL.M.)

      • Master of Theology (M.Th.)

      • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

    DOCTORATES: (< Top)

    Doctorate Awards - (follow the same pattern as above)

    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)

    • Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)

    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

    • Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.)

    • Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)

    • Doctor of Music (D.Mus.)

    • Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)

    • Doctor of Divinity (D.D.)

Education Management Consultant 

Start your own Online, On-land  Training, Learning college

Consultancy services for a diverse range of institutions

Our services are appropriate for a range of educational institutions, including privately operated foundations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public schools, large businesses or investment groups, fresh start-ups, private colleges, universities, and academies.


THEIBMC has extensive expertise delivering consulting services to a wide variety of educational institutions worldwide. Our specialists together have experience developing and managing a variety of different kinds of institutions. Among the many institutions with which THEIBMC consultants have worked are the following:


Institution Of Higher Education on an international scale (certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level)


  • Colleges that are privately owned
  • Institutions accessible through the internet
  • Institutions of religion
  • Institutions offering ESL/language instruction
  • Institutions that are for-profit or not-for-profit
  • Institutions that provide curricula from the United States, the United Kingdom, or other areas
  • International educational institutions.


Our specialists have consulted with organisations throughout the United States of America, South America, the Middle East, Central and South-East Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Due to our extensive experience working in various nations, cultures, and educational systems, we have the ability and flexibility to help you create your vision, regardless of the institution.


How we can assist


By collaborating with the Vice Chancellors, Presidents, CEOs, and Boards of Directors of our client organisations, we can identify the most effective and efficient ways to assist the organisation in achieving its objectives and increasing its effectiveness and efficiency.


As part of the customised solutions we may provide, we can assist with the following:


  • Administration of institutions
  • Budgeting and resource management
  • Coaching for chairpersons of boards of directors and heads of institutions
  • Curriculum development and educator education
  • Enhancement of the climate and school culture
  • Establishment of a new institution
  • Evaluating and assisting institution leaders
  • Governance of the board of directors
  • Indexing of internationalisation
  • Institutional evaluations
  • International growth
  • Management of crises and changes
  • Planning strategically and for the future
  • Promotion and recruitment
  • Recruitment of institutions and faculty
  • Recruitment of international students
  • Regulations


Our team is a one-of-a-kind assemblage of specialised experts recruited from the education industry and related fields. Our highly experienced team of consultants has hundreds of years of combined education experience, making them uniquely qualified to offer advice and insight to any educational institution, public or private.


Excellent for fledgling organisations in their infancy


Among the many individual services we provide as part of our institution-building process, you may benefit from our assistance in the following areas:


  • Accreditation preparation on a national and international level.
  • Aligning your marketing strategy with your goal is critical to ensuring that demand is met.
  • Arrangements for service validation
  • Assist with the development of a procurement procedure
  • Creating a start-up business plan and an initial five-year budget for your organisation, as well as supporting your continuing financial goals
  • Creating an institution's compelling and distinctive vision
  • Creating an instructional program and curriculum for your students
  • Developing a strategic work plan, mission statement, values statement, core objectives statement, and operational plan
  • Establishing mechanisms for student management, record keeping, and accounting
  • Establishing rules, handbooks, and manuals for faculty, students, and parents
  • Formation of multinational collaborations
  • Managing human resource requirements, recruiting, contract negotiations, and job descriptions
  • Our collected experience and skills can offer you the critical advice and foresight necessary to overcome the obstacles inherent in establishing and operating a private organisation.
  • Recruitment and training of key senior administration and board of directors professionals in order to develop a strong leadership team
  • We are determining the first programs to provide and the phases of implementation for subsequent ones.


Assurance  And Quality


Accrediting organisation To guarantee we can continue to provide the high-quality service our clients expect, we adhere to a rigorous self-evaluation, development, and quality assurance process. We evaluate our processes and progress and client input frequently to ensure that we provide the best service possible. Additionally, our consulting has been certified by a variety of quality assurance programs.


  • THEIBM Surgical Procedures
  • THEIBMC Surgical Procedures


Because each institution is unique and has distinct requirements, we think it is critical to offer tailored counsel and assistance to those we engage. Throughout the years, numerous of our institutions have benefited from a customised consulting service that allows them to visit the THEIBMC office and discuss particular problems affecting them.



To arrange a meeting with our management n or another senior member of staff, please contact. These procedures are provided at no additional cost to our certified schools since they are included in the yearly accreditation fee.


THEIBMC Assistance Desks   THEIBMC's helpdesks assist with the following topics:


  • Adding to and broadening the course offerings
  • Concerns about health and safety
  • Continuous quality control
  • Establishment of partnerships
  • Management of institutions
  • Public relations and recruiting

our consultant will help support you to get affiliations, partnerships, accreditation from world-class accreditation organisations and be a member of awarding body.

all these services include,

over 200+books(pdf files), 100 plus professional Courses ready to use and sell, and support and prepare 100+ courses as per your requirement, courses promotional videos, 100+ promotional Banners, with all Social media platforms ready to service with digital Business Card and A4 and A5 poster to support your business if you are in the UK will print out all business card and brothers on special prices, with logos, website and one-year full support services an full training.

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  • Certified Manager
  • Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA in Business Analytics
  • Master of Business Administration- General Management (Fast Track)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Business Sustainability
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Finance for Next Generation Managers
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Finance for Next Generation Managers
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Socio-Economic and Legal Framework
  • Strategic Human Resource Management Practitioner
  • Supply Chain Management Practitioner

Top Universities Online Certificates

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Procurement & Contracts Management PGC-PCM
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics PGC-BA
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource and Leadership PGC-HRL
  • Postgraduate Certificate in International Human Resource Management PGC- IHRM
  • Postgraduate Certificate in International Marketing Management PGC-IMM
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Managerial Accounting and Finance PGC-MAF
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Management PGC-SM
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Supply Chain & Logistics Management PGC-SSCLM
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Design & Implementation PGC-SCDI
  • Project Management Practitioner PMP
  • Strategic Human Resource Management Practitioner SHRMP
  • Supply Chain Management Practitioner SCMP

Accredited Online Degree Program

  • Doctorate of Business Administration DBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA in Business Analytics EMBA-BA
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Master of Business Administration- General Management MBA-GM
  • Master of International Business Administration MIBA

Most Popular Online Specialisations

  • Certified Manager
  • Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA in Business Analytics
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration- General Management
  • Master of International Business Administration
  • Project Management Practitioner
  • SCQF Extended Diploma in Business Analytics
  • SCQF Level 11 Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management Practitioner - CMI
  • Supply Chain Management Practitioner